Theory through practical

Theory practicalSo – with K last week – and she seems to be completely demoralised with her theory studies. Her dyslexia and educational history seemed to be daunting and overwhelming her into lethargy and reluctance to ‘get it done’!!

We chatted and discussed the issue, and it turns out she has never thought about the fact that when we “re locate” that theory into a practical road situations SHE ALWAYS knows what to do! She knows what the signs are if they are in context in front of her! She is wonderfully practical so common sense theory content is ‘obvious’ to her (eg first aid and safety)!

I asked her to take a look at the fact the theory is written on computers, yes, BUT where does it come from? It comes from the road, and the signs and the practical things that she can see and touch. The things that she does and sees and hears! The theory is just the world around her on ‘paper’!

That seemed to clinch it! She got it! If she makes it real – make it ‘in front of her’ and hands on – and all the answers spring to life! Books?? – Schmooks!! She can do this!

I ‘challenged’ her (in a caring and supportive sense of the word of course 🙂 ) to have a go at the ‘Hazard Perception’ aspect of the Theory. I told her I would put money on her ability to ‘ace’ the hazard perception clips! To prove my point, I quoted as many examples as I could remember from her last hour of driving of all the occasions that she predicted real and potential hazards on the road ahead AND the road behind because she is naturally conscious of the dangers all around her! I then started to quote a few examples from the previous week and eventually with a big grin on her face she ‘persuaded’ me to stop!
I also pointed out that she often speaks up when noticing other road users ‘doing it wrong’ and happily explaines to me what the correct action would have been! Hahaha!

As I predicted, K told me today that she aces the hazard perception clips! She also opted to spend some time on some theory practice today with me in the car. At times I helped ‘bring the theory questions to life’ by using my little cars and road layout diagrams. Result ? – correctly answered questions. We also ‘brought the theory questions to life’ by using specific local signs and areas that she knows well, also creating an environment that suited her skills.

Result? Theory practice mock test = PASS!! K took a photo of the ipad screen as proof of her achievement!

Well done K! Guess who is booking her theory test soon!

What if I just left her alone to get it done? I know she would still achieve a pass! That is a fact! She is determined and bright! – but would she see her theory through her dyslexia and those hindrances, or her theory with her skills and specific abilities?



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