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My Standards Check Training

My Coaching skills and the Qualifications I have gained since 2011 have proved to be extremely useful in an unexpected and very pleasurable way. I have gained a new string to my bow because of the skills I have and now I offer new Standards Check Training to people (ADIs) who really do benefit from the support I can give.

I had not specifically intended to diversify along this route… indeed when I completed my Btec Level 4 and qualified as an aCCeLerate Trainer soon after, no one knew that the Old Check Test would evolve into the New Standards Check that we ADIs need to pass today. Of course; one can legitimately be a Traditional Instructor and still attain a high Grade in the Standards Check, but the DVSA are trying to encourage us to develop our educational techniques in order to help our new drivers to become safer more reflective drivers. My new skills became more popular as Driving Instructors found new incentives to develop along Coaching and Client Centred (CCL) guidelines.

Because of my aCCeLerate Course deliveries, my skills became known and sought after. My reputation grew. ADIs sought me out and requested Standards Check Training and remedial Training after being unsuccessful at their Standards Checks. It has been a real pleasure to do this work – and particularly rewarding in many cases, where wonderful bonds have been formed.

I like to think of Traditional Instruction VS Coaching on a spectrum. The two extremes being pure versions of ways to educate – neither of these purest and extreme forms are suitable for Driver Education and would be dangerous, I believe. Coaching in a dangerous developing situation on the move will not work! Pure Instruction is not motivating nor engaging and is too specific!

On one side of the spectrum you have pure Instruction and over the other side Pure Coaching.

coaching spectrum

There are as many variations on the spectrum as there are Driving Instructors out there… where are you?

We must all chose our place and include as much or as little as we see fit.

I believe that the best ADIs will move about on the spectrum constantly, according the the needs and requirements of the client at the wheel; and this will change minute by minute and session by session and a new driver develops.

Please read my Testimonials for some more specific feedback form individual Driving Instructors if you wish.



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