Standards Check Training for ADIs (Driving Instructors)


Some feedback that made my week!!! Thanks B!

” I had only ever achieved a grade 4 under the old check test and with my first standards check under the new marking scheme approaching I was very nervous. I attended a seminar that Fiona ran and did a few hours of 121 training with her. Right from the start Fiona was approachable and friendly and made me feel like we had been mates for ages. She is very knowledgeable with the standards check and coaching comes naturally to her. I had my standards check the other day and got a grade A. I have gone from being one of the lowest grade instructors there is to being one of the highest and it is all thanks to Fiona. I highly I highly recommend her training to anyone that needs help with coaching or standards check. Thank you Fiona !!!”

Standards Checks (formerly known as Check Tests) are a 4 yearly invitation for a Driving Instructor to show off their educational and teaching skills. The new grading and marking system has caused some concern to many ADIs who may not have been prepared for the changes, or who do not know how to make sure they adapt in preparation. The new Standards Check is much better for most ADIs as compared to the older style of Check Test – you may surprise yourself!

I believe the trick is to be prepared early.

Call me or write if you would like some more information about my Standards Check Training day workshops. Information is free and there is no commitment to sign up to a course.

Make sure you are prepared and feel confident to showcase your skills to the Senior Examiner who will grade you either an A or a B.

If you have been unsuccessful at your first attempt, please consider getting more information or support to ensure a better outcome on the second attempt.

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