Sharing the overload…

Yesterday – we shared the load – it all just seemed too much for F to manage all together… all at once …

It was overwhelming!


  • I coped with the pedals

  • She coped with steering into the bay

Boom!! Sorted perfectly in the lines!


What F realised was that she CAN do both aspects separately. She can do each thing on its own. She just needs to practice doing them together!

  • She can steer into a bay

  • She can use clutch control to move ultra slowly

  •  – Just not at the same time!

And Today???? She did it all — on her own — Clutch and steering — and in the bay independently! 

It is amazing what a good night’s sleep, acknowledging what you CAN do, and deciding that you want another go can do! It was a pleasure to see her achieve her goal!


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