Testimonials – We Passed Our Test!


Just a sample of testimonials from 2002 onwards:

  • This is from a Full Licence holder (in appreciation of Coaching techniques – she was fascinated by the differences between Coaching and her own Driving Lessons which were based in Traditional Instruction) – She said she wished things could have been different when she was learning….”Hi Fiona,I just wanted to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ to you for all of your help and encouragement during the driving part of the *** course at *** *** Friday. I really appreciate your kind and alternate style of teaching which has certainly increased my confidence in driving!I am still working on not coasting around corners but think I have mastered parallel parking thanks to your technique of ‘taking away the car’!Once again, thank you ever so much! I really needed that little confidence boost after my ***, and you were the best person to help me achieve this!Many thanks,
    B W” (Full Licence Holder) September 2015

    I have intentionally kept the comment confidential.


Pass Star

  • Pass Star  Fiona was a great driving instructor! At no stage did I ever feel under pressure when learning with her. She uses good coaching methods which helped me develop my driving skills step by step in my own time. She is a really nice woman, easy to get on with and was a massive help for me. Thank you Fiona! – A. – April 2015


  • Hi fionaPass Star

I have experienced two different styles of teaching,  and I developed. I recommend anyone to Fiona as she is the best I have experienced by far. Thank you so much for all of your help and I will see you on the road sometime 🙂 Rhyanne    May 2014

Claudia :

“Fiona, you have to be one of the funniest and friendliest people i know, whilst i had a few instructers in the past which didnt work well for the way i learn you was their quick to help me learn, what i liked so much in the way you tought me you didnt tell me what to do, you asked me what i wanted to do and we then discussed Pass Starwhat i did well and what i needed to improve. I learnt very quickly and passed my test with ZERO minors. I am very happy about the way you made me feel confident and helped me to pass. You are a brilliant driving instructer and i wish you well for the future. Clauds xxx”

  • MAPass Star

“Whilst I arranged my driving lessons Fiona was recommended by my sister. Because this was the case, I had no worries about how it was going to go. Once I started, I felt comfortable because I wasn’t forced into anything got told to do anything which I might not have felt comfortable doing. This was a big thing for my development because I knew it was down to me what I wanted to do, no one was going to tell me otherwise and there was no pressure. This meant every lesson I learnt more and more and felt like I had enough preparation going into my driving test. I was one of the lucky first time passers and have recommended Fiona to several people. Overall a good experience and I wouldn’t change anything about the set up and delivery.”

  • “After previously having a bad experience on learning to drive, I’m glad that I had Fiona as my driving instructor. Fiona is very reliable and professional but in the same time fun and can make me feel relaxed during the lessons. I appreciate her way of coaching instead of teaching, so I can actually learn to be in control of my driving instead of being told what to do and how to drive. I feel more confident now as I know that I didn’t just learn to drive but I learn  would recommend her for sure!”Pass Star
    Rina P (passed 2011)


  • Samantha E, passed 2008
    ‘Fiona was an excellent tutor; she was approachable and always put me at ease behind the wheel. She was very reliable and organised, and I would recommend her, and have, to anyone interested in learning to drive.’


    • Pass Star“Fiona  was the best & most reliable driving instructor I have ever learnt with, she was always on time for my lessons & was very helpful & encouraging to me to keep trying whenever I felt I did’nt do as well as I could have done in a lesson or when I felt fed up after failing a test back in my early days of learning. But eventually after numerous tests over a few years,I finally did it,since that time I’ve been driving for nearly 2 years & I am very much enjoying it,I even do occasional local deliveries with my job now. I am now much more confident in my driving then ever before.” Name: Tom W – Year I passed: 2011 (June 6th I believe)



  • Pass Star“I was very nervous about taking my driving lessons but Fiona understood my anxieties, she was therefore very calm and professional which helped me pass first time!”
    Lisa L – Passed 2011.