My Dad takes his glasses off to hear me better…..

Dad glasses off to listen

“I’ve done it again!…. I’ve taken my glasses off to hear you better!”

My Dad was shocked when I answered “I’m not surprised by that at all!” He could not see the logic in that statement. For me, I know my Dad; a Graphic Designer by trade, and an avid amateur artist in his retirement! It is clear as day!

We all have natural preferences, and many of us use a primary sense to interpret the world around us. My sister on the other hand, although having additional learning needs, was pitch perfect! She would ‘object strongly’ (and very loudly!) to a piece of music she knew if it were played in the wrong key, or at the wrong speed. (This was of course back in the day of vinyl records). My sister would make up songs for everything… for example, she had specific names and an order to take her numerous medications in the morning. No song – or the medicines sung in the wrong order and all hell would break loose! All I remember is that the ghastly most bitter tasting medicine was called “Miss Potsit!!” She favoured an auditory way to make sense of her world…. and luckily the family tuned into that perfectly.

I am ambidextrous ! So guess how I ‘get a feel for the world’ or ‘make’ sense of it! As a strongly kinaesthetic person with a large dash of my Dad, I “see” and “do” my way around the world.

What do the people during your working day prefer? How do you adapt for them?

I have a strong understanding of how I can ‘tap into things’, make the ‘picture brighter’, and ‘sound something out’.

Have a good week!


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