How do you brainstorm…. ?

What are the ways you like to brainstorm and come up with new ideas or plan a more successful approach to an issue?

How many of us write a shopping list – then forget to take it with us – but somehow we remember most of the items anyway… for me, writing the list helps to cement a neural pathway to remembering what I need… Or in the case of driving, cementing memories so that the clutch, gears and rules at roundabouts etc become ingrained and integrated into my long term memory.

It works even better with a shopping list is when I write the items on the list in the order that I will find them on the shelves; isle by isle, as I walk through the supermarket.

Here are some of my customers thoughts and ideas depicted as they prefer to do it… methods as varied as the people who do it! Basically, they used their own thoughts and musings to lay down and form unique memories.


Rhyanne mind map  A Mind map preparing and ensuring all is well before her test



 ipad image t junctionUsing the ipad to work out all the possibilities…



simple list  Hazards – what where and how to keep on top of it all…


Playing with toy cars

‘Playing’ with toy cars


Thawing from a Frozen Moment  Problem solving – “but then I just freeze, Fiona!! I can’t think!”


Pictures and pen

A Diagram and a dry-wipe pen


notes  A business coaching session – nothing to do with driver education

Reflective Log L


An ipad Reflective Log App


Reviewing videos (other people make mistakes too!) 🙂




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