First Contact…

A message I received this week… so nice to feel acknowledged. Also great to know that so many parents have realistic concerns for their children post test!

“Hi Fiona. How’s things? Could we possibly have a chat on the phone, please? *** has had a couple of lessons with a local driving instructor and I’m already getting the impression that the sole purpose of the lesson is to get her to pass her test, which, isn’t, imho, what it’s all about. I love your alternative ethos and would really like *** to learn in a more holistic way. I realise there is quite a distance to travel but I’d be quite prepared to bring her over to Colchester if need be if it equips her better for her miles on the road ahead. What do you reckon?”
DR – 05/06/15
(via facebook and my website)

First lesson already done! 🙂

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