Dealing with road rage whilst Learning

The following question was asked on an ADI forum today:

“It is sometimes really difficult for ADIs dealing with aggressive and irritated drivers. If this was to happen on your SC how could you use it to your advantage and help the learner benefit from what is always a horrible experience ?”

And it got me thinking – this was my answer in brief:

Fiona Taylor it seems there are many versions and precipitating factors. The issues that I try to address with my Students are about “who the other driver is?” “How are they today?” “What circumstances could they be in to make them act like that?” “What set of circumstances might trigger you to behave or react like that?” “How does it affect you?” “What steps can you take to prevent you lashing out verbally or physically?” —

This will not prevent situations…. but sometimes to think about issues BEFORE they happen can help alleviate a crisis! —-

Good examples of this principle would be fire drills; where everybody knows what to do in the event of an emergency! —-

OR better still the ‘steering into a skid’ information that I was luckily given before I needed it. Going over that simple piece of information well in advance, prevented me from going out of control! I reacted instinctively due to prior knowledge, and had a ‘near miss’ that I can happily reflect on.”

[Kolb’s Theory of Learning]



I believe that having these types of conversations whilst Learning to drive a car, triggers trains of thought that age and mature over time. These reflections enhance driver skills, and decision making. Although not seeming as important as basic car control, I believe these skills to be even more so. Making well informed decisions is the key to safer driving for all our futures.


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