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I was at an ADI meeting last night, and a couple of ADIs were there representing their ‘franchise’ to us. This is a franchise with a specific ……… this is not intended as a vindictive or malicious post….. I think I should avoid specifying anything about them, and their professional preferences. There is a place for all of us after all 🙂

I feel I need to mention ONLY what it made me feel…. and I am not even sure I can manage to express it clearly…. maybe it will come with time and making a start.

…. it is more an observation of where my own professional priorities lie… It refreshed, for me the, key factors of why I chose to Coach rather than stay with the pure instruction I used to believe was the only and best way.

It reminded me of my Coaching ‘Eureka Moment’ of “***This is IT!!***”
“THIS is what has been missing from me and my tuition. This completes me”

Last night, I heard phrases like
“they only want to pass the test”,
“you tell them this, and they don’t listen”
“we do ‘this’ with everybody – and that is better so they all get the same”
“it is a fact that you have to practice manoeuvres over and over and over and THAT is the only way ‘they’ learn”

I couldn’t bear it. I honestly began to tremble – not with anger, or animosity but a pent up something that made my adrenaline surge. I had anticipated being of a ‘different perspective’, and I assumed I would find it easy to just keep quiet as I usually do. I just couldn’t do it.

I feel so strongly —- but what is more I do not want to offend or hurt these colleagues of mine. I want them to ‘see what I see’, as I see them and see their passion and conviction. But I want to share the joy of watching someone unravel a task and solve it by themselves….. and ‘OWN IT’!

I really find it sad that our parts 1,2 and 3 fail our profession so badly (not the trainers – the set up!)

I am not sure I have been clear – I do not want to criticise – but I do want to share how joyful our job can be.


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