Can You Change Someone’s Else’s Mind?

In my mind’s eye – ‘Conversations in person, on Social Media or even TV debates look similar to this picture. Strong personal opinions that each is desperate to change in the ‘other’.

Some examples might be about:

“I want to take my test soon”

“Coaching vs Instruction”

“Lanes on approach to Roundabouts”

“Trump” [or Brexit] etc etc

“Facts Don’t Change People’s Minds. Here’s What Does” is all about how we are more likely to achieve this – but only with consent. If we are going to be able to change someone else’s mind – we need to accept that we may have to change too! THAT is the difficult part for most of us.

The article does go on to explain way better than I could, how it is not by bombarding people with facts that changes their minds; but an adult ‘openness’ or acceptance of the possibility of change in the first place – coupled with a ‘get out’ clause!!

The ‘get out’ is where we do not want to ‘feel wrong’; and we will naturally avoid that at all costs 😊.
We need to approach with an understanding that the adult will be more open to adapt their opinions “given that there is new information” now. They need to be given space to evolve.

My own experiences over the years – for example delivering Speed Awareness Courses, or discussing Coaching for Driver Development is that if we approach someone with respect and give them the “get out” so that they do not loose face; a new opinion may be established from within.

The trick is to find their ‘get out’ as well.

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