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Official DVSA version June 2004 – I cannot find a more up to date version

Driving Assessment report form (both sides)


A reflective log example that some Students opt to use with fabulous success

This version was devised by the Tri-Coaching Partnership

  • Examples of story boarding

Story board LisaStory Board George











  • Kolb’s Theory of Learning


  • An Example of the Goals For Driver Education (GDE)




  • Head Restraint & Whiplash Prevention

Head Restraint and whiplash



  • Licence Changes fro 8th June 2015

  • When presenting for lessons

    You can check your pupil’s photo card licence for ID purposes. However if you want to carry out further entitlement checks you can do so by using either of the following:

    • ‘Share Driving Licence’, DVLA’s new online driving licence enquiry service
    • DVLA’s existing telephone, post and intermediary enquiry services

    This user guide gives further information about how you cancarry out further entitlement checks.

    This user guide tells your pupils how they can share their driving licence with you.

    When presenting for test

    • your pupil will need to show the examiner only their photo card licence
    • there won’t be an entitlement check – this will have been carried out at the time of booking the test

    Change of address on licence

    • driving examiners won’t be able to offer the ADLI route if the pupil has a change of address
    • the examiner would mark the ‘licence not received box’ and give their licence back to them
    • the examiner will need to tell them to apply for their full licence using the form ‘D1 ‘Application for a driving licence’ (available from the DVLA form ordering service and some Post Offices)

    If your pupil is an EU/EEA licence holder

    • they’ll need to apply to DVLA for a D91 form to be able to book their test – this will act as a counterpart
    • they won’t need to bring this along to their test because the entitlement check will have already been carried out at the time of booking the test

    Further information

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