Colchester Roundabout Diagrams for Sale



  • Greenstead Road Roundabout

  •  St. Botolphs Circus

  • Maldon Road (Police Station) Roundabout and

  • Ipswich Road (Waitrose) Double Roundabouts



£20 (+£3 P&P) for the full Set of 4 Diagrams

Plus Clip Board and Dry Wipe Pen


All prices inclusive of VAT


Simple diagrams to have in the car ready for ALL Students, but particularly

the visual and kinaesthetic Students.

I have had great success with Students being able to set a Goal

and make their own lesson plan using these simple diagrams.

They are very popular with my Students, who often request

a second viewing.

Having a visual cue enables them to develop their own strategies for lane

and exit preferences.

I also notice that a Student who ‘straight-lines’ with a pen or finger

will tend to straight-line that roundabout when driving, so forewarned is forearmed!

The laminated surface is suitable for white board (dry wipe) marker pens

(do NOT use permanent markers)

Free Postage and Packaging ( 1st Class) to UK Mainland only.

Please contact me for payment problems


& delivery address. As these are specifically local, you may prefer to meet locally and pay cash.

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