ADI Gadget Ideas

Some ideas or Gadgets that you may like…

Scribble Pockets

Easily enclose your A4 or even your A4 Laminated Diagrams and Documents. Perfect when used with any dry wipe pen to write your notes, drawings and annotations.

These pockets are very durable and can be used on both sides. Sold singularly as well as in bundles of 2 or 5 for your convenience. They are very useful in combination with my Car & Diagram Sets sold on this website:

The plastic used allows any dry wipe pen marks to be erased effortlessly and without smears or residue.

The handy hole at the top of the Pockets means it is easy to keep them together.

The edging is colourful and durable – perfect for life inside a Driving Instructors Car!

Twin Glass Blind Spot Mirrors – individually adjustable

  • Blind spot mirrors, both made of glass and individually adjustable to suit you.
  • The housing is made of plastic.
  • Provides secondary angles individually adjusted from the conventional side mirror. One angle to suit the ADI’s sight of traffic on the nearside (blind spot) and the kerb or bay line left.
  • For adding safety, reduces blind spot risk for the Driving Instructor.
  • Universal adjustable mirror up/down and left/right.
  • [Suggested for ADI use rather than for the Driver]

Classes Clip

A really useful little Gadget that clips on to any piece of clothing to hold Sunglasses or Reading Glasses

A surprisingly strong magnet will not damage even delicate materials

I use mine everyday – sometimes for both pairs of glasses – on the same clip!

A great gift idea for family members that are difficult to buy for – this is an inexpensive option.

  • Holds Reading glasses or sunglasses firmly to your clothing for easy access
  • Strong magnets work even on thicker materials
  • Also useful for supporting your headphone cables
  • A very usable little gadget – ideal gift idea too!