aCCeLerate Coaching Courses – East Anglia

This Course has been remodelled and improved!

aCCeLerate Course – Coaching for Driver Development 



      • Working together in an in-car team you will gain skills to help you to:
      • Join the top 10% of driving school earners Increase your customer retention levels
      • Encourage pupils to take greater responsibility for learning
      • Inspire pupils to take frequent lessons
      • Maintain a full diary
      • The aCCeLerate two-day in-car course is only delivered by a team of specially trained, qualified driver coaches.




The three modules:

  • Module 1 is all about Feedback Skills
  • Module 2 covers  Communication Techniques
  • Module3 covers Structuring Coaching Conversations


A workbook gives structure to the course – this is provided at the start of the course. Client Centred Learning The course gives a detailed overview of client-centred, coaching skills. It could be seen as a stepping stone to coaching.




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Our experience is that our clients often choose to go onto complete the BTEC Level 4 after completing the course; this gives a deeper insight into. and understanding of, coaching for driver training.


‘aCCeLerate’ enables ADI’s to adopt a client-centred approach with their customers – this raises awareness and builds their responsibility so that they can take ownership of their driving and learning, and manage their behaviour safely.

ADI’s completing ‘aCCeLerate’ are likely to find their reputation as an ADI improves as their confidence grows; they will be able to charge more for their driver training; and their work-life balance will improve.