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Module 1
This unit focuses on the use of feedback as a means of facilitating the development of both the driving instructor and the student driver.

Different feedback techniques are examined and practised in a classroom context prior to the candidate experimenting with them in real-life driving situations. Self awareness and self responsibility are crucial when giving and receiving feedback so the emotional intelligence of the driving instructor in the coaching relationship is also explored.
Driving is a task which involves a high level of reflection and self evaluation if it is to be carried out safely. The process of feedback facilitates the development of the student driver so that they can evaluate and reflect upon their driving when they are unsupervised.
Research suggests that the process of reflection reduces crash involvement so that if a newly qualified driver is involved in a ‘near miss’ incident and has been coached to develop self evaluation skills, they will be able to reflect on this incident and determine how to prevent a similar one occurring in the future.
This unit is the first of three units that comprise the qualification. Its content is addressed in the classroom through interactive exercises and group discussion and assessed through case study.

Module 2
This unit focuses on the importance of effective communication in order to facilitate the development of safe, responsible drivers. Effective communication is all about a balanced, equal relationship between both parties: the driving instructor and the student, where communication is authentic, neutral and non-judgemental.

The aim of effective communication is to encourage learner drivers to take responsibility for the driving task so that once they pass the driving test and are independent, they know how to self evaluate and avoid risky driving situations. Driving instructors will learn how to develop self evaluation skills in their learner drivers through the use of probing questions which tap into underpinning beliefs and values.
Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss and experiment with a variety of communication techniques before practising these in a real environment, thus demonstrating that they have met the assessment criteria and the learning outcomes for the unit.
The unit is the second of three core units in the qualification.

Module 3
This unit focuses on the importance of structuring a coaching conversation during a driving lesson to achieve raised awareness and self responsibility on the part of the student driver. Coaching conversations can take place at several points throughout a driving lesson but will most often happen at the beginning when the goal(s) for the lesson are set. The aim of a coaching conversation is to ensure the ownership for the learning remains with the learner. Comparisons will be made with traditional driver training so that the benefits of coaching conversations can be measured.
There will be emphasis on the delivery of a coaching conversation through essential coaching skills. Therefore, both the structure and the delivery of a coaching conversation are considered when holding a coaching conversation.
Candidates will cover the content for this unit in a classroom / car environment where a model for structuring a coaching conversation will be explored. Practical application of this model will be assessed through the assignment which will be completed as part of a case study.
This unit is the third of three core units that comprise the qualification.



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