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What do I offer you that is different?

I specialise in Coaching for Driver Education, having passed the BTEC Level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development in 2011.

Coaching is a holistic approach to you and your learning. We will use your extensive existing skills as a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger and adult! You have a lifetime of  experience which should not be discounted, but embraced! You have a lot of experience as a road user already, and we, as a team, will use THAT wealth of knowledge, adding in some car control and develop your confidence and skills at ‘reading the road ahead’! 

 I have valuable skills – yes! But so DO YOU! You are already capable of crossing roads as a pedestrian – so that there is no need to doubt yourself as a driver! Even as passengers, you are probably very aware of signs and priorities; and even know what makes a ‘good driver’ in your opinion!

As a team we will discover your learning and memory forming preferences. We might use:

  • mind mapping
  • bullet points
  • diagrams
  • my in-car camera system to ‘take another look’!
  • or none of those above
  • and just act on what is there

Nervous learners, or anyone with extra needs for example people with Dyslexia are very welcome! 

I am confident that I can help you learn the best way – YOUR way! You are welcome to enjoy a taster session with no financial commitment


Since passing the BTEC 4 I have completed further Training to become an aCCeLerate Trainer for the BTEC Level 3, a National Driver Awareness Practical Instructor/Trainer, Fleet Trainer and more.

mini logos IAM BTEC aCCeL etc

My Qualifications:

  • Top Graded (Grade 6) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)


  • Additionally a fully Qualified Coach for Driver Development (Btec 4)


  • Accredited aCCeLerate Trainer qualified to deliver the Btec Level 3 to Driving Instructors across East Anglia


  • I am a DriverMetrics® Accredited Coach For the provision of Fleet Training

    All of whom have completed a 12-month BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development, as well as the DriverMetrics® accreditation course, delivered personally by Dr Lisa Dorn. This ensures that we are highly experienced in how to influence any at-risk driver behaviours identified by the Driver Risk Index™.  [http://www.drivermetrics.com/training/in2a-coaching/]
  • I deliver bespoke Coaching and Client Centred Learning Courses to Driving Instructors in the whole of East Anglia.


  • Standards Check Trainer (formerly Check Test Trainer) for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) in East Anglia (Preparative training as well as remedial sessions)


  • I work as a Driver Awareness Course Trainer for Essex County Council/Essex Police as an NDAC (NDORS) trainer (in car)


  • I train Learner Drivers in and around Colchester, Essex

I am passionate about my work and in my Coaching. I believe it is the most efficient and complete way to help Learner Drivers, New Drivers and more experienced and Fleet Drivers to succeed, excel and to be safe – and in doing that – ultimately pass their Driving Tests, develop their Driving skills and stay safer on the roads. 

This commitment to my customers includes FREE online Theory Test training*. 

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My additional training and qualifications have enabled me to train other Driving Instructors (or ADIs) to add to their existing skills and techniques, meaning I now deliver Coaching and Client Centred Learning Courses to Driving Instructors (ADIs) across East Anglia – (Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk).

*Email link from me required to activate this option.

My Courses and Training for Approved Driving Instructors include:

  • the aCCeLerate Course (in association with Tri-Coaching Partnership)

  • Standards Check Training (formerly called the ADI Check Test) Remedial sessions and Preparation

  • Btec Level 3 Qualification (in association with Edexcell and the Tri-Coaching Partnership)

  • Whole or half day bespoke Coaching for Driver Development courses or sessions

  • Client Centred Learning  (CCL) skills

  • hourly rates are also available

Please Contact me for more information

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I provide Coaching and Client Centred Learning (CCL) Courses, Bespoke Sessions, Standards Check Training, and Coaching Qualifications for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs)

Click Here for the ADI Pages if  you are looking for qualifications in Coaching and Client Centred Learning

Full courses and bespoke sessions available

 I also provide regular Driving Lessons, or semi Intensive Training for Learner Drivers, and refresher courses for full licence holders.


Click Here if you are a Learner and are looking for driving lessons in the Colchester area


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Fiona I would like to purchase your deluxe car training set together with the pedestrian and bike but I don’t use PayPal could I pay over the phone

    • Thank you so much for the enquiry Alison. I can arrange for a bacs payment – and you can pay with any regular Debit or Credit Card via paypal (though I understand that you prefer not to use Paypal!) I have sent you a message and I hope we can take it from there. Many thanks. Fiona

  2. Hi Fiona, I’ve just received my deluxe set and am really pleased with them. I was really hoping that there would be a diagram of a 3 lanes roundabout included in the set as it’s the one I’ve struggled most to find anywhere. Would you consider adding this to the set in the near future?

    • I am happy to add a 3 lane roundabout, of course Ryan. Thank you for the feedback. I will add it to the list and do that as soon as I can 🙂 I added the box junction (and other diagrams) for exactly the same reasons, so thank you for posting here.

      I am so pleased that you are pleased with your Deluxe Set!! Thank you so much for letting me know! 🙂


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