A simple question…. and a eureka moment

I posted this on Facebook:tips icon for webpages

“Has anyone tried using ‘Siri’ or Google translate etc during sessions with people whose first language is not English?


I have not tried yet – but I miss the deep questioning that I can do when communication is ‘easier’. The ‘learning’ just does not seem as efficient”

and then I asked one of my ladies……….

UPDATE to Siri or Google Translate post:

As I said I would – I asked the very next Client if she thinks she would benefit (at any point) in using a translation device.

Sometimes the best things come from a conversation starting point. So here is a bullet point account….

She said “To be honest I don’t know how I feel or how to overcome my worries no matter WHAT language I use!! It makes no difference!” To which we both had a massive laugh!!! It was a very bonding moment somehow.

I paused, and she went on talking a bit about how she is scared to do 30 in a 30 (I never urge or force her to do this – I know It will come when she is able!) we just slug along the roads at her pace, with the wind of passers by in our hair… those pesky overtaking cyclists!! hahahha! [joke]

Anyway – back to today. She explained about being scared to do 30 and she didn’t know why and also – more importantly it turned out, scared to stop AT the give way line —- always quite far back from any line… even though spacial judgement not the issue.

…. then……” there was a really loud….
“… OH!!!…”
I know what it is!!! When I was ‘back home’ (country of birth) I had finished a long shift at the hospital (Doctor) and I was very tired and I had my friend on the back of my motorbike. In ******** [her home country] you just pay and bribe yourself a licence – no test! and no one knows or drives using the rules! It is scary and dangerous. It never worried me then…


… the car in front of us stopped so suddenly, and I couldn’t stop and I hit it! Our crash helmets flew off and the car was a bit dented but no-one hurt, thank goodness….. but I think I am scared of T-junctions because of that, and of driving at the normal speed — just in case…..”

we spoke a bit longer and I said I know you had the plan of more roundabouts for today, but may I make a suggestion? She said yes, and I asked how she felt about learning ‘E-Stop’ for a few minutes first?

We went to a quiet road. I asked he to just experiment with stopping quickly. With clutch – without clutch – same time etc. Then I asked her to REALLY stop!!!!! Which she did (more laughs) [I have not mentioned or included test standard or expectations today – that is for later!!]

She was quite animated about how good it was to ‘understand’ the brake more and how it works! I asked how good is the car at stopping quite soon? She knew her speed and said – “yes – very good to stop and I was doing just more than 30! [Big smiles!]. I like this!”

During the next hour she sped TWICE to my knowledge in a 30 limit!! 😀

Funny how asking a disconnected question about using Google or Siri can produce a result of feeling confident to stop right AT a give way line AND do 30 in a 30 without me suggesting, struggling or mentioning anything!


She even brought up that I COULD ‘push her’ to do more, and then we laughed when I said – “yes, and my Dad was hit with a stick at school to make him learn”…. she certainly got the point!

As I said earlier – I know that the speed issue will resolve itself when she is ready to address it!!!! Today she became ready… 🙂

[smug mode disabled!]

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