A review from an Emergency Response Instructor Trainer

This is a review from an Emergency Response Instructor Trainer (non-local Trust) that I am proud and pleased to have received a couple of days ago:
“ “Fiona, I have been following your posts with interest for some time now. Recently I decided to contact you for a chat and guidance of how posts like your one on the “Behaviour-Intention Gap” could apply to the blue light training environment.

I have been working in the blue light industry for 12 years and noticed that the training delivered is very rote and covers levels 1 and 2 of the Goals for Driver Education. These two levels cover behaviourism only.
A lot of emergency instructors know about the Goals for Driver Education unfortunately the biggest factor that is missing within our world of training is levels 3 and 4; these two levels cover the higher order cognitive skills.

I approached Fiona, because of her immense knowledge and skills in the area of Coaching, this would give me a better understanding of how to use this subject within the blue light training world.
Fiona discussed in great deal about “THE BEHAVIOUR-INTENTION GAP”. This is the area where coaching can have a huge impact on an individual’s intended behaviour and how they actually behave in the moment.
My aim was to deliver this session to other emergency response instructors.

Having delivered this session twice, the interest shown by the other instructors was incredibly positive.
It made them identify the missing link within their own training, of which for the majority was the need to address the higher order cognitive skills which can raise an individual’s self-awareness and responsibility.

The link between someone’s intended behaviour and their actual behaviour can only be addressed through coaching and letting the individual work out how to fill “The GAP” through their own self-awareness.

Coaching is something that would benefit the world of emergency response training, my ultimate goal is to try and make a difference, so that all instructors can see the benefits and the difference that it can make in the reduction of crashes caused through operational driving.
However, to do this I need an effective coach, Fiona this is where I will be using you a lot more in the future! Your expertise as already made a great difference to myself and some of the driving instructors that I train and work with.
Thank you for filling “THE GAP!””

[Anon – Emergency Response Instructor Trainer] 2nd May 2020

This person contacted me in response to some of my previous training antics with ‘blue light’ trainers and various Facebook posts.
From what I am learning from both Trusts is that there is scope for developing the training from within to maximise standards and personal development of each individual blue light driver.

I am proud to have been able to offer even a little guidance and direction. A fascinating world that I have had a tiny glimpse into! Thank you for this wonderful review. I appreciate the time it took for you to write this; especially right now as you must be rushed off your feet with training.

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