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“I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my working week this week! It really has been wonderful … an example…

Wednesday – session 1 with A:
“I feel scary at traffic light! Fiona we do traffic light”
Chosen option – Drive. Stop. Look at each particular set of lights ahead. Discuss lanes, placement etc. Also discuss ‘what the oncoming driver would see’. Action that plan. Drive to next traffic lights. Stop and discuss and repeat as above etc
Outcome – “Is just look at light and lane and easy!”

Session 2 with B:
“I have a provisional licence, but I don’t know if I can handle driving!”
Me: “tell me more about that please”
Outcome – “I never knew I knew so much – yes I want to do this!”

Sessions 3 with C:
“Because of yesterday, today I will work on, approach speed, right mirror, observing when it ‘suddenly’ all changes ahead (like the bus signal), and my road position. I need to change those”
Outcome – “I did good! and I did do it all in one hour!”

Session 4 with D: (extremely new to driving!!)
Drive an agreed block. Don’t discuss as strongly independent and kinaesthetic. Sit back a watch her develop and improve independently. (F Tries to keep quiet!!) Safety critical intervention only.
Outcome – Smoother moving off and gear changes, route planning, signals/timing, approach speed and planned stops, awareness of other road users, road position, safe gaps and “oh yes the wing mirrors on both cars!”, braking downhill, traffic lights, roundabouts, mini roundabouts, meeting, and crossings.

Next day session 1 E:
Plan – more ‘complex’ roundabouts including double roundabouts and Roundabout with 5 satellite roundabouts around it.
“Can you shown me first please”
Outcome – “So all I need to do is do it slowly and plan where I want to go and it is quite easy really!”

Session 2 – Business Coaching Session for a local small business (and a bit of cake!)
[Confidentiality restraint – sorry]
Outcome after 3 bi monthly sessions- their business is booming, very happy with my support. Business goal projection in place and complete where necessary. Planned sessions complete. Future review with me planned for 6 months.”

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